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Xprotolab Portable

Just want to take the chance to support Gabotronics and give you guys word of the Xprotolab Portable project on kickstarter. 

He’s doing really well, but needs that final push to reach that all important target!



Finally that change is here!!

I have teamed up with oscilloscope hardware manufacturer to provide a USB solution to an android oscilloscope.  The device is super cheap at $50 and paired up with the NFX oscilloscope it becomes a must have in portable oscilloscope technology.

More information on the Gabotronics Xprotolab can be found here .

So if your lucky enough to have a phone or tablet with USB support your in luck!!! Head over to the main oscilloscope page for more info.

More scope probe news

Well, I am still planning updates in the near future. But damaging my phone has stopped me developing. But I am back up and running now.

But whilst your waiting I have been sent to amazing information on scope probes and calabration of the application.

Check the link out for a comprehensive run though.

Change is coming!!

Exciting things are happening at nfx developement. I’ll update with the situation soon!!!

More scope cables!

I’ve just receive a email from a new user who has made their own selectable input voltage scope cable.
Hit it up and see if it helps you??
The translation buttons are in the top right hand corner!

SpecScope V1.0 Released!

Ok guys, the beta went really well. Thanks to all that helped, if you give me a quick email if you buy the released version within the month, I will refund your payment as a big thanks!

I’m always happy to hear your feedback so shot me a quick email if you have any suggestions.

Enjoy and remember to leave me that important feedback!!

SpecScope in BETA V0.2.0

Head over to for screenshots and features!!!

SpecScope is now in beta and will be released very soon!!!! Thanks for the feedback people!!!