VolCon Widget Released

I have just released a new application into the market!!

It is called VolCon and it is a simple volume control widget. You can now control notification, media and ringer volume from your home screen!!


V4.0 is here!!!!

Ok, this has been a long time coming but there has been some big changes.

You cannot see most of these, which is a shame but heres what you will see.

  • Multi-touch is now supported on those devices which are capable.
  • Stepped scales
  • A input voltage conversion
  • Fixed Help Dialog FC????!!!!

So all thats left to do is to make the impulse values exportable. Then make a calibration tool for a certain voltage input.



Ok, V4 is going to be delayed a little longer.  I bit off much more than I could chew.

I’ve found a few more issue which should be ironed out, and want to try and make this release perfect for you all!

Bare with me guys. I’ll get the update out there as soon as I can!

Expect big changes! Oscilloscope V4

After a few emails and reviewing my current application, I think it’s time for a clean up and rethink.  Here are a few things on my Todo list.  Tell me what you think and if there is anything I am missing!

  • Sort out FC when it is reported (button pressed) ?
  • Make a understandable amplitude range
  • Support quantised steps in X and Y axis
  • Support multi-touch and remove side bars
  • Use a external reference to calibrate amplitude
  • Make the impulse data CSV exportable
  • Move onto SpecScope (spectrum analyser)

Thanks for the input Ijon and everyone who helps!!!

Oscilloscope Usage

I know there is a lot of situations the NFX oscilloscope can used. So I am interested to see what main usage is.

Please could you comment on this post, and tell me what you use it for!! 🙂

V3.0 Oscilloscope Pro

First update for a while, but this is a big update.

I have rewritten most of the audio input settings and control, therefore you will not see any difference in UI or operation, but this should mean support across a wider range of devices.

Thanks for everyone that is supporting me. I hope it works well for you.

P.S. The next update will bring export options to CSV and colour variations.

Oscilloscope Pro V2.6

The last few updates have been focusing on optimisation and bug fixes.  So you will have not seen much in the way of new features.

There is one outstanding problem which I am looking into.  The application seems to crash when the help button is pressed on a Droid incredible.  I’m interested to see if anyone else has had this problem at all??

If any of you have any features you would like adding, just give me a email and I will look into them.  Although any updates may be slower now, as I am away travelling.

Thanks to the people supporting me, I hope you are enjoying it.