Oscilloscope Pro V2.3

This update smoothed out the UI to bring a better user experience.

Also the update fixed a some problems with user inputs at the application start up.


Update : Oscilloscope Pro V2.2

More feature updates!!

As a request I have added a extended trigger threshold range, which now extends into the negative region.

I have also included a fundamental frequency reading on all modes .  Just another useful tool when analysing those signals.  This is accurate to around 2% below 2KHz and slight higher above that.   This is also dependant on the hardware the application is running on.

Oscilloscope V2.06

Just a quick update!

The audio input refresh rate is much faster now, this is also true throughout the whole time range. As before the rate was reduced when a smaller time span was used.

There were also a free bugs which I have found and eradicated. To my knowledge there are no more problems and the app is working very well.

Hope people are enjoying it.

Oscilloscope Pro V2.0

WELLLLLL. Finally finished the triggering options and level measurement part of the new oscilloscope application!! It took its time but its here now.
I’m pretty proud of the application, it seems to work nicely and can be useful when analysing audio impulses or continuous signals.  I am hoping to add a few more features, although I will start to move on to a FFT application.

There are a few new screen shots below.
Yet again if you are unhappy or have any feedback on the app, just email me and I’ll be happy to help.

Thanks to those who have helped along the way.

Oscilloscope progress

Just a quick update.

I have had no bad feedback or errors, for the past 2 days.  So I hope things are looking stable now.

Therefore, I have been working on the triggering capabilities.  This is going well now, being able to trigger off a constant frequency and keeping the sinusoid display relativity jitter free.  In a different mode, this will also be useful for measuring impulse parameters.  More news and updates to follow on this.

Forecasted updates:

  • Various triggering
  • Level Measurements
  • Frequency Measurements

Oscilloscope V1.12

Some people still having crashes!!

These crashes are all to do with the AudioRecord class. Some phones never initialise the class properly but do work and others have to wait until it is initialise.

I’ll get this sorted with V1.12. and post it soon.

Sorry for all the updates guys.

Oscilloscope V1.11

Over the past few days I’ve been getting a few emails with crash reports.  This is what the updates have been tackling, hopefully they should be pretty much covered now.

Cheers to the people that have helped.

Another thanks goes to Ashley Pickering Designs for designing the icon for the application.  This now looks much more professional than the last and fits in nicely with other android icons. (see image)

With 676 downloads in just under a week, I’m pretty happy. I just want to get the ratings better now, this should come with the stability that should be seen now.

From now on, I’m pushing towards more functionality, including triggering options and dB input readings, multiple microphone support for certain phones and fundamental frequency reading.