Oscilloscope V1.0

The application has now been released into the market.  Hopefully test will come back positively and other devices!

The last part that needs to be added from my point of view is triggering capabilities, although more may pop up from testing.


Oscilloscope V0.5

This version of the NFX Oscilloscope is due to be released very soon. Although there are more updates in the pipes, testing on different android plateforms and phones is needed.  This will be a paid app, although this will be a very small price.  If anyone is unhappy or the app does not work, I will offer a full refund.

The last part that needs to be added to this version is a help screen which will show how to use the oscilloscope.

See the pictures below for an idea of how the UI works.

NFX Oscilloscope – Android

The android based NFX Oscilloscope is the first in a line of time and frequency based analysis applications.  As the title states this is an Oscilloscope which can give a reliable real time amplitude vs. time plot on screen.  The input is taken from the phones microphone.

This application stands out from other due to the intuitive UI and superior reading abilities.  At the current build, the application can handle frequencies from roughly 300Hz to 12 Khz, with a view to expand in the future.  A known expansion in the bottom is possible although the top is highly dependant on the individual phone and the frequency response on the microphone.

Adaptable parameters include the time per division and gain control.  These are available via the pull out sliders, situated on the left (gain/attenuation) and bottom(time).  The gain has a limiting factor of the input gain from the microphone, although it is possible to increase the sensitivity to analyse quiet sounds.

Future work includes different types of trigger functionality, which will help analyse impulses, continuous sound and data inputs.
The extended frequency range will be included in newer builds.
When monitoring is paused, enable moveable time scale.